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Nowadays, most of the students concentrate in their studies or indoor activities such as music or grouping etc.. Pressure and expectation from school and parents become major factors affecting a healthy childhood for most of the juniors. A group of concerned parents have a target to provide a substantial training and learning opportunity for their children on overall aspects includes outdoor activities. Golf is a kind of outdoor sports activity provides certain physical training and personality development. The training emphasizing basic golf knowledge and appreciation, to promote golf professionals from juniors through competitive training programs. By obtaining practical training and tournament experience, those potential junior golfers culminate in usable and remarkable golf skill and personality in the future.


  • To establish a communication network with schools in Southern California to set up complementary golf programs. To promote and advance golf knowledge to junior especially in Chinese community.
  • To join with neighborhood golf courses in LA, Riverside or Palm Springs to provide Free Junior Clinic (include free driving range and bilingual coaches) for juniors.
  • To provide substantial tournament experience for junior golfers, Chinese American Golf Foundation has organized its inaugural event "2002 Chinese American Golf Invitational" for Junior Championship on July 4th, 2002 at Oak Valley Golf Club. This invitational has been hosting on July 4th each year for three consecutive years.
  • Providing scholarship and golf benefactor program to empower juniors to reach their higher potential.

Mission Statement

  • To generate positive reinforcements for juniors in the area of morals, ethics, honesty, etiquette and sportsmanship through the game of golf.
  • To provide juniors with a positive environment to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the future.
  • Providing scholarship and golf benefactor program to empower juniors to reach their highest potential.
  • To provide a substantial training opportunity for Chinese-American junior golfers.

Coach Board

Blake Austin
Alex Bidleman
David Goldstein

Scholarship Committee

Mr. James Chen
Mr. Xiaoyong Wu
  Mr. Dick Slosek

Board Members

Honorary Chairman
Dr. Ernie Huang
Executive Director
Mr. Huey-Min Yu
Mr. James Chen
Mr. Xiaoyong Wu
Mr. Daniel Chen
Mr. Dick Slosek

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Oak Valley Cup

C-AGF Scholarship Application Deadline: May 31, 2013 Please check the Scholarship link for details.

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